Thursday, October 21, 2010

Active Acres offers the most frightening Haunted Hayride and House in PA

As Halloween approaches, children and adults of all ages are looking to satisfy their desire to be frightened and scared; so how does one go about this? Some choose to dress up in horrifying costumes, lying in wait to scare their friends or little sister. Others choose to watch a horror film at the movies; but haunted hayrides in PA or your local area can actually be the most exciting way to achieve fear and the thrills associated with being scared out of your mind! While there are many haunted hayrides and haunted houses in PA and NJ, Active Acres Haunted Farm is truly one of the best places around for all your scaring fixes.

The history of haunted houses is actually a varied and interesting subject. Even as far back as ancient Egyptian times, they constructed statues of gods that would move or talk to inspire fear. In America, there are countless stories of haunted houses in NJ, PA and other states. In fact, one house located within Sussex Count, NJ has had multiple ghost and apparition encounters! The inhabitants of the home have encountered strange floating balls of light, footsteps and doors opening and slamming shut on their third floor and actual physical confrontations with ghostly apparitions. If that doesn’t scare you, what will? Active Acres Haunted Farm comes as close to the real thing as one can get; the best haunted hayride in PA to also feature a haunted house and field of fright, you will not be disappointed by the end of your ‘spooktacular’ night.


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